Wednesday, July 4, 2007


one thing led to another, workwise and things are looking... nice :)

former bosses called me up, they're based abroad now and we had a good chat. God willing, if all works out, i will have quite a pile on my plate.

but they made this point: i've written for the newspapers since 94. i should be pouring all my energy into my column instead of blogging. after all, i have been given a space. maximise it.

the book is done.
the blog was set up for that reason: to promote the book.
and i have deadlines, deadlines.
and i need that space: the writing life and my life-life.

of course my friends were appalled by the idea: hah, all the stories about your launch and all that down the tube?

the past is the past. i'm not that precious. it's time to move on.

will i blog again? i don't know. loads of work, and there's a life out there - a good life. with friends like aa, auntie rubie, mrs scott, ttg, mm, lily, miko, eliza, m, and the new friends i made over the years, it'll be a picnic. with one or two kerengga but that's life, no?

stay well.